FOSA Salary Advance:

Available to Fosa monthly salary account holders.Recovered once monthly salaries are paid.


This is a 3 months advance salary allowed to FOSA earners.

FOSA Special Loan:

Available for FOSA earners with monthly check-off inability. Repayable between 15 to 20 months. Loan top-up available. Very affordable interest rate.

FOSA Jiinue Loan:

Available to ECD Teachers who borrow for a maximum of 36months,loan processed 4 times members deposits.

FOSA Jipange Loan:

Intended for new members on salary who will borrow for a maximum 48 months. They will be required to channel their salaries through our FOSA section. 1/3 of the loan amount to be retained as deposits.

Shujaa Loan:

Available to retirees on pension who choose to continue ith Sacco Membership where they comit 40% of their savings as retention after retirement. Low and attractive interest rates.

FOSA Development Loan:

This facility is intended for existing members who have agreed to channel their salaries through FOSA. Maximum repayment period is 48 months.