We offer both Back and Front Office Products and Services.

Back Office Products & Services:

Monthly Savings Deposits:
Minimum savings per month is Kshs 2,600/-. Maximum savings depend on individual member's ability.
Withdrawable Savings Schemes:

Excel Saving Scheme:

This is a voluntary contributory savings scheme for school fees payment, minimum monthly contribution is Kshs 500/=.Savings more than 1000/= per month in a year earns attractive interest rate.

Christmas Furaha:

This is a voluntary contributory savings scheme for a happy Christmas minimum monthly contribution is Kshs 500/=. It is withdrawable every December. Withdrawals before December are subject to a charge.

Medicare Savings:

This is both Back office and Front office product. It is a voluntary contributory savings for urgent Medical care minimum monthly contribution is 500/= withdrawable on request, No charges.

Loan Products On Offer:

School/College Fees Loan:

Available for either personal Education or Dependants Education. Member can choose a repayment period between 10 to 20 months. Refinancing of college fee available.

Emergency Loan:

For members with immediate and urgent fund requirements. Repayable within 10 months. Payment within 30 minutes. No limit as long as repayment ability allows.

Normal Loan

Processed 4 times a member’s deposit repayable within 36 months. A member qualifies as far as repayment ability permits. Refinancing available.

Development Loan

Processed 4 times a member’s deposit, subject to ability to repay. Repayable within 48months.

Karibu Loan:

Flexible for new members who need immediate funding. No need for enough deposits. Loan is paid less multiplier deposits. A show of a first check-off deposit contribution in the monthly pay slips enough. Applicant channels monthly Salary to FOSA. Repayable up to 36 months.

Front Office Products & Services:

Loan Products on Offer:

FOSA Salary Advance:

Available to Fosa monthly salary account holders.Recovered once monthly salaries are paid.


This is a 3 months advance salary allowed to FOSA earners.

FOSA Special Loan:

Available for FOSA earners with monthly check-off inability. Repayable between 15 to 20 months. Loan top-up available. Very affordable interest rate.

FOSA Jiinue Loan:

Available to ECD Teachers who borrow for a maximum of 36months,loan processed 4 times members deposits.

FOSA Jipange Loan:

Intended for new members on salary who will borrow for a maximum 48 months. They will be required to channel their salaries through our FOSA section. 1/3 of the loan amount to be retained as deposits.

Shujaa Loan:

Available to retirees on pension who choose to continue ith Sacco Membership where they comit 40% of their savings as retention after retirement. Low and attractive interest rates.

FOSA Development Loan:

This facility is intended for existing members who have agreed to channel their salaries through FOSA. Maximum repayment period is 48 months.

Salary Advance:
Available to Fosa monthly salary account holders.Recovered once monthly salaries are paid.
Financial Services:

Bankers Cheques:

Available to the general public. Affordable commissions charged.

Cheque Clearance Service:

FOSA account holders can deposit third party cheques. Clearance takes 3 days. Very competitive clearance rates. Advanced payment can be negotiated.

ATM/M-Banking Services:

This is E- money service. Withdraw cash from your account at your comfort zone. VISA card for your convenience. No need to visit our FOSA for cash withdrawal. Transfer cash from your FOSA account to your M-pesa at your comfort Zone. Purchase goods and services directly with your Visa Card. Pay bills with the ATM Card. Sacco link card terms and conditions applies.

Children Account:

Open to any willing customer/member. A building block for future of the child. No minimum saving required. Convenient for future fee payment. Stability of the child. Attracts interest for growth. Open one today and count back in future smiling.

Fixed Deposit Service:

A bullet savings account for any customer. Good for block receipts like pensions and gratuities. Negotiable interest rate. Minimum fixed amount Kshs 100,000/-. Can be perpetually renewed at each maturity date.

MPESA Service:

Is available to the general public. Enough float management. Extended service hours. Direct deposit to M-pesa for FOSA account holders. Available in all the branches. Safaricom terms and conditions apply.

Safaricom Paybill Service:

Members/customers can make deposits and loan. repayments through their Mobile phones via M-pesa to their Fosa accounts : Paybill Number is 926500. The service is available to all customers/Members. Safaricom terms and conditions applies. Very convenient for micro-finance account holders at FOSA.
Point of Sales Service (POS):
At our branches and head office. Open to all customers with CO-OP and Sacco link ATM cards. You can deposit and withdraw cash from your account. You can pay bills e.g. electricity and water.
Micro-Finance Services:
Offers Micro savings and credit services to groups and individual customers from the general public. Loans granted four times the savings. Ideal for self employed (business persons including mama Mboga and Omena) and salaried persons.
Custodial Service:
Safe keeping of title documents and jewels. Service is available at a small fee.